Seli Kai

Seli is probably one of Gyan’s first friends since moving to Austin, they started off as 4th grade classmates, then went on to 5th grade, and now moving up to 6th grade together (Amy and Mark, we’ve got 6th graders!!!)  Seli comes home with Gyan and spends after school with us in our lil downtown apartment about three times a week and it’s always fun having him visit.  Super sweet, quiet, and polite, that is until Gyan’s bedroom door closes and the video game “rescue mission” “gotta save the planet” and “do things we can only do in video games” shenanigans begin, then it becomes one constant stream of laughter, chest bumps, high fives, and the occasional “Ow!! BRO THAT HURT!!”. Good times Good times!!  Seli’s mom Amy recently celebrated a pretty fierce birthday (40th birthdays should always be fierce, mine was) and so we decided to surprise her with this set of portraits.  Seli and Mark did a great job of keeping it from her and the surprise was a success.  Happy Birthday Amy and we wish you many many more magical birthdays to come…..   Oh, and Gyan wanted me to make sure and mention that he styled Seli and made a little video for Amy which you can watch down below.  Enjoy and Much Love

….. and this is a quick little action video Gyan directed, shot, and edited on his iPhone,  just to wish Amy a Happy Birthday!


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