The Mighty Lil' Lennon Laser!!!

Hello everyone!!! This is Lennon Laser… She turned 4 months this past Saturday!! For everyone who said to me before she was born that little girls are totally different, I just wanna say, WOW… you weren’t kidding!!!! She is just an amazing little bundle of attitude and Divaness!!! LOL…. She’s just awesome ๐Ÿ™‚
And now on to a prequel!!!! Lol…. I never got around to posting these simply because well, life is a little different around here as of late. Haha!!
This is Big Brother Gyan… He’s 6 years old and truly believes in his big head that he’s sixteen and the next Justin Bieber!!!! Lol… Hey I’m all for it.

This is Gorgeous Mom… Arleen. ย She is the reason our kids are so beautiful!!! Thank you baby!

And here’s the whole family… Even I made an appearance!!!

And last but not least…. The future Bodyguards!!! Lol

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